The Big Red Barn Retreat

"There is no greater sacrifice than that made by our military, we are proud to support the big red barn in helping our veterans." -Kolt Irons
YouMeWe Gifts is proud to announce our partnership with the Big Red Barn Retreat. It is a charity near and dear to our hearts whose mission is to help our military in need of healing find peace.
For those serving or having served feeling isolated with their memories and thoughts can be a huge challenge. The Big Red Barn Retreat offers an array of tools for survival at home so these soldiers and their families can truly thrive and live their best lives. These sometimes-unexpected alternatives to traditional treatments have proven to be extremely successful and immensely popular; and are provided to veterans, active duty service members and first responders at little to no cost to them.
You’ll find programs like YOGA which builds confidence within the mind and body, EQUINE THERAPY where you experience experiential interaction with horses for immediate feedback, GARDENING which has been proven to release stress and create joy, and our personal favorite the HEALING ART program along with many other more intensive and immersive healing programs.
Our personal favorite, the Healing Art Programs provides a creative exploration of emotions and experiences among individuals with similar experiences to help digest life. These programs include of all forms of art exploration; writing, art, photography, painting all designed to allow participants to transform their stories of struggle into art forms to stimulate healing. The incredible team of Art Teachers at the retreat bring a unique perspective and varied experience that engage the creative spirit and provide a powerful healing experience. It is a joyful and magical place.
On that note we are happy to announce that each print or poster purchased from YouMeWe Gifts will directly contribute to funding healing art sessions for our active duty military, veterans and first responders. With your help, we can make a real difference.
The Big Red Barn Retreat Providing Integrated tools for survival