"We knew we wanted the art to be something different and unexpected" -Kolt Irons
As we began our search for the perfect art for this project. we were exposed to tremendous talent.
We knew we wanted the art to be something different and unexpected. We wanted to create images that couldn’t be found on a google search or that had been seen before. We wanted ideas from across the globe ranging from traditional to fantasy. It was with that in mind that we set out to find 9 distinctive and different artists.
We commissioned this highly talented team of freelance artists from all over the world to help our vision come to life. Their backgrounds vary from classically trained schooling, digital art experts, and masters of pencil and charcoal. These artists were chosen because of their distinctive art styles; some live in a world of black and white while others are more comfortable with an explosion of color.
As we embarked on this journey, we knew that it was paramount we find a variety of styles that were fascinating and unique unto themselves so that no matter who the gift recipient, you would be able to find the perfect fit.
  • Aidan Haluani

    Mythical Mortals View My Series >>
    Aidan Haluani

    Hello all, my name is Aidan, I’m an Italian/Global citizen based in the vibrant city of Tainan, Taiwan. I can be found around the web as PutridusCor, or on my shop Abysm Internal.

    Although I’ve been doing digital art for half my life, illustration feels like a journey that just began! I’m a lover of freedom and live fascinated with most things under the sun, I’ve spent the last 10 years getting to know different countries and their cultures, while improving my skills and looking for new ways and styles to visually express ideas.

    This zodiac was one of my best projects to date and I look forward to do more!

  • Vali Lancea

    Inkwell Warriors View My Series >>
    Vali Lancea

    My name is Vali Lancea, I am a European illustrator / character artist based in Bucharest. My style is best described as rough and sincere.

    If we are talking about painting, I love mixing colors and using rough strokes, I love expressing volumes and materials using traditional techniques.

    If we are talking about drawing, inking or ink related visuals the same can be said about me, I like deep thinking, sincere compositions, and techniques. I can say that my role in this world is to shape ideas using my skills.

  • Tim Lord

    Hidden Reflections View My Series >>
    Tim Lord

    I'm a freelance artist from the UK, born in Leeds and residing in Shropshire.

    My work has been featured in Creativepool Annual 2019, Catapult Art Magazine USA and by Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (Australia)

    I specialise in Traditional Art and also work with Mixed Media - Advertising, Editorial, Publishing, Album Art, Commissioned Art and Licensing.

  • Cleveland Mosher

    Guardian Spirits View My Series >>
    Cleveland Mosher

    Hello, I am Cleveland T. Mosher, a driven artist based in Durham, NC with a love for storytelling and game design.

    I combine my experience in digital media with a strong artistic foundation in traditional oil painting

  • Gifny Richata

    Looking Glass View My Series >>
    Gifny Richata

    I am Gifny Richata (Kobra) and I founded Oray Studios along with Iqbal Aribaskara (Python) in 2008. Oray Studios is an Art, Design & Technology guild.

    Our mission is to bring the best of Indonesian artists' works to the world, enjoying ourselves while doing that, and hope that what we do could make this world a slightly better place :)

  • Javier Caviro

    Lost Legends View My Series >>
    Javier Caviro

    I am Javier Araujo Caviró. I have always been a daydreamer and I discovered that art was my reward for dreaming. I started to draw and paint, to bring those fantasies to reality.

    My main objective is to divulge the meaning of my art. I want people to feel the emotion when looking at one of paintings and not only see the technical side.

  • Constan Lerois

    Victors of Valor View My Series >>
    Constan Lerois

    Hi, I am a freelancer illustrator Constan Lerois, living in Odessa, Ukraine.
    I am a former architect who decided to become an illustrator.
    In 2013 I bought my first tablet and began to learn Photoshop.
    I also enjoy painting in watercolors. I love to draw and continue to learn both digital and traditional techniques.
    I am grateful for this opportunity to prove myself through the images I have created for the Zodiac Collection!

  • Sourav Dhar

    Femme Fatale View My Series >>
    Sourav Dhar

    Hello, I am Sourav Dhar from India. Although I am academically trained in Biotechnology, I have been working as a professional Concept artist and Matte painter for more than 10 years. I have also been leading the Art Department of two of the most reputed VFX studios in India.

    The Zodiac project attracted me because of the freedom of thinking offered by the directors. I really like the way they have been encouraging me to rediscover the forms. I believe this project involves some awesome artists from all over the world and it will be exciting to witness the spectrum of visuals from them.

  • Jovana Stekovic

    Enchanted Garden View My Series >>
    Jovana Stekovic

    I'm Jovana, a graphic designer and ilustrator from Serbia.

    I studied graphic design at Belgrade Polytechnic and traditional painting at Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

    I am currently working as a freelance portrait and background digital artist.

  • Are you an artist
    or do you know one?

    YouMeWe Gifts is always looking to expand our network of artists and we know talent is hiding all over the place just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are an established artist or someone who just loves to draw, all art is welcome. We are looking for interesting and unique art styles.

    Send us an email at
    info@youmewegifts.com with a brief description of your style, preferred medium, and any other pertinent information, along with a sample piece of art.