1. January 24, 2022


    I don’t know anyone who hails the fact that January has 31 days.  I’ve always felt it took more energy to start back up again after the lull of Christmas break. The first month of the year comes around like a train on schedule, demanding, ready or not, we climb on board and return to pressing deadlines and the routine of routine.


    Remember the expression, “don’t sweat the small stuff?” Its message from the early 80s that explained how bad it was for us, physically and emotionally, to allow minor issues to stress us out. I remember reading that cortisol levels rose 10-15 percent when we agonize over the unimportant. And I tried to keep that in mind when the be-your-own-worst -enemy time of compiling New Year’s resolutions approached. Year after year I complied with a wish list of self improvements, most of which I’m sure appeared on your list as well. After the mandatory exercising more and eating less, came cleaning out the garage and organizing my photos in

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  2. January 10, 2022


    Yes, January borns can come across as quite the snobs and very intimidating but in fact, they are absolutely adorable individuals. You’ll realize this once you get to know them closely and interact more with them. Born in the beginning of the year, they are the mature ones among the lot. Here are 5 traits of January borns that makes them so lovable!

    • Trustworthy Friends

    These individuals may not be the friendliest ones out there, but they are definitely those you can depend upon and trust. They take time to develop a friendly relationship with people but open up beautifully over time. Moreover, they can be trusted blindly. They will take your darkest secrets to their graves. They are those friends whom you can call at two in the night and you can rest assured that they’ll be available to help you.

    • Intelligent

    People born in January are extremely smart. They are confident about themselves and might end up intimidating those aro

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  3. January 01, 2022


    Some individuals love January because they welcome the lull that follows the hectic holiday season. Others dislike the effort it takes to begin again, whether that means going back to work, going back to school, or simply starting a new calendar year. January comes around every year like a train on schedule—whether it makes us want to sigh with relief or get revved up for a fresh start, we'd better get on board before it leaves the station.

    January gets its name from the Ancient Roman god Janus. He was the god of doorways and transitions, endings and beginnings, and was depicted with two faces—one looking to the past, and the other looking to the future.

    Ringing in a new year often brings about a mindset of making a fresh start. 2021 has been a challenging and unpredictable time for nearly everyone. As we emerge from a year of unbelievable upheaval, we enter 2022 filled with hope. A time to transition into a new beginning. From coast to coast, Americans are proving we

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  4. December 27, 2021

    GOODBYE CHRISTMAS... You were lovely!

    It’s the day after Christmas. Generally, this day is a flood of emotions that can vary from one person to the next, however, I think there is one word that most likely describes all of us: exhausted! Maybe your home is like mine – with all the extra food, all the packaging from the gifts, the used wrapping paper, and more. And then there may even be a pile of returns. Ugh. But, the day after Christmas doesn’t have to bring you stress – it can be a somewhat peaceful day if you allow it.

    Take a deep breath - We must start here. If there is one thing I know as an exhausted, sleep deprived, overloaded, overfull, and stressed-out post-holiday mom it is the need to start with a deep breath. Most likely, you probably have not had a deep breath since last week sometime.

    Prioritize what needs to be done - The list of things that need to be done all seem urgent, but the entire list of what needs to be done can’t be urgent. We only have so many hours in the day. Take a quick inv

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  5. December 17, 2021


    Looking back on my family's holiday traditions, I'm filled with a nostalgic blend of happiness and hazy remembrance. I can't always remember every detail, but the impression of holidays and family Christmas traditions glide past, all accompanied by white lights, fragrant pine needles, and the smell of sausage rolls heating up in the kitchen.

     While some family Christmas traditions remain the same year after year, it's never too late to start a new tradition with family and friends. This holiday season, make new memories and start a few fresh family traditions that you'll look forward to year after year.

    Here are some slightly different ideas –

    Create a holiday bucket list – Write down the traditions you want to try or start this season

    Make a small gift for the women in your family – Whether it’s a craft, salt scrub, or homemade goodies, something you spend time on can mean a lot

    Decorate your bedroom – Get some festive Christmas bedding a

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  6. December 06, 2021

    Eight reasons why personal gifts ROCK!

    Trying to find the perfect gift for someone – or even just a treat for you! – can take time and effort. Sometimes you may even wonder if such an item exists! Well, it does and we can help!

    There are many reasons why you should think about creating a personal item for someone to mark an occasion, whether that’s for a birthday, anniversary, festive holidays, or to say thank you. Here’s why your friend or family member will be grateful for such a thoughtful gesture.

    It shows how well you know them - Giving a present that’s unique and personal to them shows how well you know them. Anyone can pick up a present from a store shelf but choosing something

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  7. November 29, 2021


    Most people go through their lives without really stopping to think about the way they want to live. Then, as they get older, they may look back with regret and wish they could have done things a little differently.

    Tomorrow Grows Out of Today - When people want to change, they’ll often say “I’ll start tomorrow”, not realizing how powerful today is. Everything you do today influences how tomorrow will turn out because all choices have natural consequences.

    What Other People Think Doesn’t Matter - No-one ever lies on their deathbed and thinks “I wish I’d worried more about what other people think of me.” We can become paralyzed and anxious when we focus too much on what other people think, without stopping to consider whether their views are even of value.

    You Can Be Happy Right Now - The human mind is perfectly designed for worrying about the past, fretting about the future, and not living in the present moment at all. You may tell yourself you will be happy w

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  8. November 17, 2021


    Many people claim fall is their favorite season. They love the fall colors, the crisp temperatures, the apple cider, and pumpkin spice everything.

    But fall is already zipping by. In fact, before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. We’ll be deep into decorating, gift buying, and holiday concerts. Too deep to savor the simple, cozy pleasures of autumn.

    And that’s a problem.  What if, instead of checking off the 68 shopping days until Christmas, we focused on the fact that there are 65 more days of fall.

    How can we make the most of these few precious weeks of autumn? I say, we prepare ahead of time for the busy days that are coming, and  make sure the important stuff gets put on the top of the list.

    Sounds crazy, but maybe make a fall bucket list. Start by listing the things you  love about fall, then think of ways to incorporate those things into your life. Do you love the beauty of fall leaves? Then get out and enjoy them! Tak

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  9. November 09, 2021


    There are a lot of benefits to being thankful not just at Thanksgiving, but all year long.

    Showing thanks to others shows your appreciation of them in your life — when you make others feel good, it makes you feel good and then everyone feels good.

    Being thankful gives you confidence — when you're grateful for the things in your life, even if it's something as simple as a beautiful sunset, it gives you more self-confidence. This means that you will be more confident and less worried about comparing yourself to others.

    Thankfulness makes you a more positive person — people who are more thankful are more positive instead of negative. When they see a glass with water in it, they say the glass is half full instead of half empty. We want to be thankful for the water that is there, not worry about the water that isn't.

    Writing a gratitude journal can help you sleep better — if you keep a journal by your bed, this helps y

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  10. October 30, 2021


    At long last, Halloween has finally arrived! From brainstorming spooky costumes to trying out pumpkin carving ideas with our kids, eating unfathomable amounts of Halloween treats, candy, and chocolate and indulging in everything pumpkin-spice-flavored, there's so much to anticipate during this frightfully fun October holiday.

    No matter how old you are or how many times you've been around the block, the holiday simply never gets old. The littlest ones get a chance to dress up and go trick-or-treating, and parents have an excuse to sip on a boo-zy Halloween cocktail.

    But during the Halloween party games and sugar rushes, have you ever wondered about the origin and history of Halloween?

    Come to find out, this old-fashioned holiday dates back many, many years. It's a lot older than you might think! And as for the witches and wizards that you've come to associate with it? They're part of the story, too. Here's the true tale of how Halloween officially came to be.

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