About our Artists

As we began our search for the perfect art for this project we were exposed to tremendous talent.

We knew we wanted the art to be something different and unexpected. We wanted to find ideas that wouldn’t be found on a google search or that had been seen before. We wanted ideas from across the globe from traditional to fantasy. It was that in mind that we set out to find 9 distinctive and different artists.

We commissioned this highly talented team of freelance artists from all over the

world to help our vision come to life. Their backgrounds range from classically trained schooling, digital art experts, and masters of pencil and charcoal. These artists were chosen because of their distinctive art styles; some live in a world of black and white while others are more comfortable with an explosion of color.

As we embarked on this journey we knew that it was paramount we find a variety of styles that were fascinating and unique unto themselves so that no matter who your gift recipient, you can find the perfect fit.

Please get to know our artists;

Meet Our Artists



You Me We Gifts is always looking to expand our network of artists and we know talent is hiding all over the place just waiting to be discovered. Whether you are an established artist or someone who just loves to draw, all art is welcome. We are looking for interesting and unique art styles.

Send us an email at youmeweoffice@gmail.com with a brief description of your style, preferred medium, and any other pertinent information, along with a sample piece of art.